Bath bombs

Soakster handmade bath bombs are created using our unique recipe, perfected over several months. Soakster bath bombs contain a mild foaming agent, which means that you can choose to use them either as a traditional bath bomb, added to the water once your bath has been run, or for a bubbly bath bomb effect, you can add them to running water.


*Always ensure your bath is clean before using bath bombs - this prevents the colours leaving a ring around the bath.

*Never allow bath bombs (or wet fingers with colour on them!) to come into contact with fabric. We recommend that you do not use white/beige coloured flannels. The colours we use are fantastically vivid, so there is always a risk of staining fabric.

*Bath bombs are not suitable for children under the age of 3.

*ALWAYS read the label. We provide full details of all ingredients and allergens either on our labels, at point of sale or on our website.