Shower Steamer ebook - includes recipe, instructions, tips, troubleshooting, supplier lists

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Learn how to make your own fantastic shower steamers with this 13 page guide of our tried and tested recipe. We make & sell our own shower steamers to the same specification - and now you can too.

Shower Steamers are the latest trend in home spa products. They are designed to liven up your shower with a gentle stream of fragrance which rises upwards as you shower. We use menthol crystals in ours and they give you an awesome nose clearing blast as you shower. They sit at the side of the shower and the mist from the hot water activates the steamer (in the same way bath water activates bath bombs)

The base ingredients cost little if you buy in bulk and you can easily recoup the money you spend on this ebook with just a few sales. It’s a great way to dip your toe into the world of homemade spa products. Why pay a fortune in the shops for something you can make yourself?

Shower Steamers do not fall under EU Cosmetic Safety legislation as they are not designed to come into contact with skin. This means you can make and sell your own Shower Steamers immediately - all you need is thisrecipe. The guide is also packed with additional tips and information - by the time you get through it all you will be an expert.

Whether you are making Shower Steamers for yourself or friends, or to sell - you need a tried and tested recipe and this is it!

This guide will
• Provide a list of all hardware and ingredients required
• List our own formula recipe which is fail safe
• Walk you through step by step instructions on making shower steamers
• Illustrate the method with lots of photos
• Suggest variations for you to try once you have mastered the basics
• Give packaging advice and suggestions for presentation
• Provide labelling guidance so you can sell your steamers
• Give troubleshooting advice and tips & tricks
• Provide a supplier list for hardware / ingredients for the UK
• List allergens in common essential oils to help you label correctly

Take a look at our online to see some of our wonderful creations, then be inspired and start making them yourself. If you like this ebook we also offer a Duke of Edinburgh Bronze skills course for bath bomb and soap making – as well as stand alone guides like this for other individual products.

We have years of experience with these products and you are unlikely to find a better recipe which is as simple, easy and effective.