Soakster - the ultimate bath bomb recipe and complete guide

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If you have ever wanted to make amazing bath bombs, but find the amount of information and advice available is overwhelming - our ultimate guide to making bath bombs is for you. We share our secret tips and tricks to success - in an easy to follow downloadable pdf split into 9 chapters.

Whilst there are several recipes available online, many are packed with oils and powder additions which simply aren't necessary. Over our many years of experience, we have found that the more ingredients you add, the more opportunity it creates for the recipe to fail. Our recipe is consistent. We make batch after batch for sale and this is our tried and tested recipe - available for you to make, together with pages and pages of extra information to help you.

In this 24-page recipe ebooklet we will not only provide our recipe for your personal use - we have also put together handy hints and tips on how to make different patterned bath bombs, how to use additives, a comprehensive list of ingredients and hardware required (together with suggested suppliers), details about Cosmetic Safety assessments, labelling, packaging - and lastly (but most importantly!) a troubleshooting guide.

The contents include
1. Introduction & how to use this guide
2. Ingredients & other things you will need
3. Moulding options
4. Colour options
5. THE RECIPE & step by step instructions
6. Variations / additions / making them fancy
7. Cosmetic regulation & health & safety
8. Labelling
9. Packaging

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