Sugar scrubs

Sugar scrubs are an exfoliating body treatment which are used to remove the outermost layer of dead skin cells. They are a gentler alternative to salt scrubs and are especially suited to sensitive skin. If you use lotions or body oils, the pores on your skin can become clogged and regular exfoliation will remove any build up of oil as well as dead skin cells.

Our sugar scrubs will leave your skin feeling wonderfully soft and we combine uplifting fragrances to stimulate the senses. They are soap-based scrubs, so you will not be left with any oil residue on the skin.

To use, simply take a small amount of sugar scrub on your fingertips, apply it to wet skin and rub it with wet hands. The scrub will foam, washing the skin as well as exfoliating it.

We offer three variations, each with a wonderful fragrance which is sure to delight.